Bag palletizer

Ehcolo manufactures and supplies five types of bag palletizers, capable of palletizing all types of bags, no matter the size or weight.

The palletizer capacity ranges from 0 to 2500 bags per hour.

On the menu to the left, you can see more about the types of palletizers we offer. For each type, there are different models based on capacity.

Bag palletizer types

We offer the following five types

PM 400 – A gantry robot palletizer

PM 800 – A high level stripper plate palletizer

PM 900 – A combination of gantry robot and high level stripper plate palletizer.

PM 2000 – A palletizer similar to PM 900, but here the bags or boxes are fed directly into the bag placer, which is always above the pallet. Very versatile, low footprint and very high capacity.

MPL – A robot palletizer.



Palletizing - Cement mortar

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Palletizing - Pet food

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What bag palletizer type is best

It all depends on the bag type and the required speed.

If you require a capacity below 400 bags per hour, we usually recommend the type PM 400 (Gantry robot) or a MPL (Robot palletizer), can palletize overlapped or side-by-side..

If you require higher capacity, then it depends on, if the bags shall be placed on pallet side-by-side, where the layer of bags are pushed together before lay-off on pallet. Here we recommend the type a PM 800 (stripper plate palletizer).

If you require your bags to be placed side-by-side and/or overlapping each other on the pallet, then we recommend the type PM 900 or PM 2000 (combination of gantry robot and stripper plate palletizer).

We offer two types of robots, a gantry robot and an arm robot palletizer, where the main difference is the price and capacity. A gantry robot is a lower investment and is restricted to maximum 500 bags per hour.

A robot can palletize from up to three different bag products from three lines at the same time and can depending on patterns reach up to 1600 bags per hour.

Note, that all our bag palletisers also can palletise boxes and crates, normally without any additional equipment.


Ancillary equipment

Together with our palletizers, we offer a wide range of ancillary equipment, as product belt or roller conveyors, pallet magazine/dispenser, pallet conveyors, sheet dispenser, ink jet printers, pallet label applicators to metal detector and check weigher, all to complete a palletiser, which fulfil all the requirements you might have.


External Control & Data Communication

"Anywhere Control" via Internet, the by Ehcolo supplied machines can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, and we Ehcolo can monitor and access everything, also the history of events, so that we remote easily can make eventual diagnostic work and in fact also operate the machines, change parameters and eventually also change/improve software remote.

IoT (Internet of Things) ready.

Industry 4.0 compliance and enablement.

Our control has a OPC-UA server, which is the newest within data communication, many does not know it, but everybody will need to know and use, as this is the future way to do it and an easy way and well documented. In short, we can make available all thinkable data and then they can be captured by your system in a format you can easily handle. We just have to agree on which data you are interested in.

Note, that in connection with our palletizers, we can also supply the bagging machines for any bag product and also a stretch wrapper or a stretch hooder after the palletiser, which give you a turnkey packing line.




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