Palletizer Machines

We are one of the leading palletizing solution manufacturers in the world and help our costumers with every step in setting up a new palletizer machine. After the installation, we also provide service on all types of palletizers. From conventional to robotic palletizers. We are experts in single machines or automatic packing lines for palletizing systems for all bag & box types.

SPEED                                         -   Up to 2200 bags per hour

BAG DIMENSION                      -   All bag types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user-friendly

ENERGY CONSUMPTION        -   Very lowQuote - Contact




Palletizing bag of seeds

Palletizing boxes



Palletizing empty bags

Palletizing bags of flour

Bag palletizer

We are a leading palletizer manufacturer. We have supplied thousands of machines worldwide. We believe, based on the response from our customers and suppliers, in a very comprehensive program of palletizer systems where we are specialized in designing and manufacturing different types of robotic palletizers based on 30 years of experience and the best technical know-how. Our robots are used by all industries requiring automation of packing bags and boxes. We offer several different robots and we have divided them into three categories, as you can see in the menu - Bag Palletizer, Robot Palletizer, and Palletizing Systems. Our palletizing machines are ideal for all companies packing any type of bag. FFS, Plastic, PE, PP, Open mouth or Valve bags. Our palletizing machines have been thoroughly tested over the last 30 years for all kinds of bags and boxes. To see which industries and products our palletizers can handle, please see our references here. You can find our palletizing systems around the world in just about any industry. We are in the food, energy, oil, farming industries, just to name a few.

Let us know, what types of bags you need to palletize and together, we can find the best solution for you.


Contacts us


Robotic palletizing machines

We supply robot palletizers with high-Speed and long lifetime Our capacity ranges from 0 - 1600 units per hour and the average lifetime of more than 20 years, designed to run 24/7 all year round. First of all our priority is quality, and therefore we offer worldwide service including two year’s warranty, especially our customers like, that we can go online remote on all our supplied machines. That means we can help you quickly in certain situations. Our systems are designed to handle all bags, crates, and boxes. Be it food or non-food product, our machines are built to adhere or surpass any EU legislative, food industry standards, pharmaceutical standards, safety standards or otherwise.


We care – Save energy

We have developed a technology that saves energy when motors in the machine slow down or stop, which they do often as this is natural for a palletizing machine. This braking energy is re-used by other running motors reducing energy consumption by up to 20% compared to others. Contributing to a safer and healthier environment and economy. You can find the palletizer system, robotic palletizer or bag palletizer you are looking for, by contacting us. We offer our standard as well as tailor-made solutions.

External Control & Data Communication

"Anywhere Control" via Internet, Ehcolo supplied machines can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, and we can monitor and access everything, also the history of events, so that we remote and easily can make eventual diagnostic work and in fact also operate the machines, change parameters and eventually also change/improve software remote.


IoT (Internet of Things) ready.

Industry 4.0 compliance and enablement.

Our control has an OPC-UA server, which is the newest within data communication, many do not know it, but everybody will need to know and use, as this is the future way, easy and well documented. In short, we can make all thinkable data available which can be captured by your system in a format you can easily handle. We just have to agree on which data you are interested in.


Packaging solutions

We also offer complete turnkey packaging lines, from bagging machine, stretch wrapper, stretch hooder and all associated equipment such as metal detector, check weigher, glue applicator, pallet magazines/dispensers, sheet dispenser, conveyors and much more. We are a turnkey provider supplying and installation all packaging solutions, from stand-alone to a complete packing line. With Ehcolo, you only need one contact point for the entire packaging chain, we are with you, every step of the way.


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