Bag palletizer

Ehcolo is in front as a manufacturer of bag palletizers. Not alone does our range of bag palletizers handle everything from 400 up to 1800 bags per hour, but we also produce tailormade solutions for industries that have special needs when it comes to bag palletizing.

Furthermore we have developed a technique, that stores the energy, which under normal circumstances would be wasted, when the machine brakes. With our new technology this energy is saved, diverted and reused in other parts of the machine, which reduces energycomsumption with up to 20%. This makes the Ehcolo machines among the greenest machines in the business, and we think that the environment and the future deserves that.

Click on one of the palletizers below, to read more information.

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Click on one of the palletizers below, to get more information.

Model Capacity
PM 400 400 bags/boxes per hour
PM 500 500 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-9 700-900 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12 900-1600 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12HS 1200-1800 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-15 1500 bags per hour
PM 800-18 1800 bags per hour
PM 800-22 2200 bags per hour
PM 900-6 600 bags per hour
PM 900-10 1000 bags per hour
PM 900-12 1800 bags per hour
Robot palletizer Up to 1400 bags per hour, if boxes, depending on product



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