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Ehcolo is specialized in design and development of palletizers, handeling from 0-4000 units per hour, stretching from small plants to turn key solutions, and Ehcolo offers standard as well as tailor made solutions. This means, that today Ehcolo is a highly recognized palletizer manufacturer.

In their line of products, Ehcolo also supplies machines for loading and unloading of containers, bagging machines and stretch wrappers.

The company has managed to stand out when it comes to protecting the environment. As the only manufacturer in the world, Ehcolo has developed a technique, that re-use braking energy in the system, and thus saves 20% energy.

Ehcolo was founded in 1987 end ever since, they have striven to be the best in their field. No competing product should better that Ehcolos, and there is no compromise in quality. This is why they can offer a two year warranty on the entire plant.

Click on one of the palletizers below, to read more information.

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Click on one of the palletizers below, to get more information.

Model Capacity
PM 400 400 bags/boxes per hour
PM 500 500 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-9 700-900 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12 900-1600 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12HS 1200-1800 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-15 1500 bags per hour
PM 800-18 1800 bags per hour
PM 800-22 2200 bags per hour
PM 900-6 600 bags per hour
PM 900-10 1000 bags per hour
PM 900-12 1800 bags per hour
Robot palletizer Up to 1400 bags per hour, if boxes, depending on product



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