Pallet Wrap


We supply and install two types of wrappers: Stretch Wrapper and Stretch Hood.

Stretch Wrap


SPEED                                    -   Up to 250 pallets per hour

PALLET DIMENSION           -   All sizes

WRAPPING MATERIAL       -   Plastic / film material

OPERATION                         -   Very user friendly  

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Stretch Wrap

Stretch Hood


Wrapping machine

We offer two types of pallet wrapping machines

The Stretch Wrapper

Wraps film around the pallet in a circular motion, starting at the bottom and wrapping its way to the top. The Stretch Wrap can also have a top sheet applicator, where a sheet is placed on top.

The Stretch Hood

Creates a hood, starting from the top and rolling down a whole film to the bottom. Some say it is like putting on a tight condom.



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Plastic Wrap

Our pallet wrappers use plastic to wrap around pallets, to increase stability and protect against the weather elements.

Most of our customers ask themselvs, what is the best wrapping method?

It depends on what you prefer when you are considering fully automatic pallet wrapping machines. Both machines use stretch film but with different thickness. For example the stretch wrapper is often 23 my and stretch hood often over 100 my.

Stretch Wrap is a lower initial investment as Stretch Hood is nearly twice as expensive to buy. On the other hand, it uses less film per pallet and is faster.

Both types have excellent sealing and protective qualities regarding water resistance and stability. Though the Stretch Hood has a more presentable outlook as the pallet looks smoother with one layer of film compared to several layers of film with Stretch Wrapper.

The Stretch Wrapper with top sheet is waterproof as water will not touch the product but if the pallet is placed outside, exposed to the weather elements for a longer period, then water will leak between the layers of wrapping and the pallet will not look as presentable anymore. The water or rain will not reach the product inside the wrapping.


Shrink wrap

Our stretch hood has a shrink wrap function but we do also supply Shrink Hooder that warms the film wrap, so it shrinks closely to the pallet goods. Choosing the best pallet wrap
When it comes to choosing the best pallet wrap, it is basically down to your own preferences. However, if your product needs to breath, for example organic products such as onions, then you need to acquire a stretch wrapper with net film as the other pallet wrapping methods do not allow the product to “breath”.

Deciding what Pallet Wrapping machine you should purchase comes down to four key deciding points. Pallet Outlook, machine purchase cost, load stability and film/labour cost.

Pallet outlook: A Stretch Hood only uses one layer of film compared to several layer of film with a Stretch Wrapper. Thus the pallet outlook will be better.

Machine price: A Stretch Hood is nearly twice as expensive, but users less film per pallet and is faster.

Load stability: Both machines are excellent at stabilizing the pallet load.

Long term operation cost: In general, the stretch hood is less costly in the long term as less labour is needed to change film rolls and less film is used.

However, you need a high output of pallets in order to justify the higher machine cost, if long term operation cost is the deciding factor.

There are different deciding factors and we will be happy to assist you in finding the correct pallet wrapping machine. We are with you, every step of the way.

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