Automatic bagging machine

We supply, install and service bagging machines for all types of bags, i.e. FFS, PE, PP, open mouth, valve bags, and Big Bag.


Different kind of bags bagged with an ehcolo bagging machine

 -   Up to 2200 bags per hour

BAG DIMENSION            -   All bag sizes

BAG MATERIAL             -   All bag material

OPERATION                  -   Very user-friendly



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FFS flat film

FFS tubular film

Valve bag

Open mouth

Bagging Machinery


With our range of machines, we can offer a machine to fill any product into a bag. Our bagging machines can fill from 10 to 2200 bags per hour.

FFS machines (Form, Fill and Seal) for plastic bags (PE) - Here we offer two models, flat film or tubular film, both only full automatic.

Open mouth machines - for all types of open mouth bags. Depending on capacity, the machines are semi or fully automatic. Different closing depending on the product.

Valve bag machines - Here we offer different models and accessories depending on product and capacity.

Big Bag machines - Here we offer two main models depending on which product, automation degree and the capacity.


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Automatic bagging machine

We have references from all industries requiring bagging, palletizing and wrapping.
Different products require different automatic bagging machines. For example, grain bagging and mulch bagging are typically different machines. You will find some of the products our machine can handle below.

Chemical: Fertilizer, Estroncium nitrate, Urea, Polymer, Dishwasher salt, Fire extinguisher powder, Sulfonamides, Glass microsphere, Hot-melt, Chemical product, Phatalic anhydride, Maleic anhydride, Polycyclic alcohol, CBS + TBBS, Ceramic enamel. 

Plastics: Plastic pellets, Polystyrene, Plastic resin, Synthetic resin, Polyamides, Polypropylene, Masterbatches, LDPE, ABS, HDPE, PP pellets, PP + PE.

Food: Animal feed, Bird food, Cattle feed, Premix, Agro-feed, Sugar, Food additive, Salt, Paprika.

Mineral: Coke carbon, Ceramic frite, Sepiolite.

Not categorized: Sodium sulfate, Tobacco powder, Stones, Sand, Silica Sand, Construction sand, Dry mix products, Lime products, Gravel, Gravel mixtures, Barley, Wheat, Soil, Potting soil, Peat, Bark mulch, Substrate, Pellets, Wood pellets.


Choose the perfect bagging machine

Every business has their own preferences and needs, therefore it is paramount to find your perfect machine.

Even three similar companies producing the same product with the same output chose three different bag filling machines, due to legislative and customer preferences. Some industries have more stringent laws and other industries have end-customers with special bag preferences.

We understand the different needs and preferences of our customers, this is why our machines are built to adhere to any legislative, safety requirements and end-customer preferences. We are with you, every step of the way.

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