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Container unloading

Fully automatic container unloading, so you can avoid the expensive manual work for unloading shipping containers. We have extensive experience in this field. 

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We also supply a unique pneumatic container bulk un-loader system. The system contains a blower and a rotary valve, can of course be delivered without, when tipping down in a receiving hopper.

The unloader is also designed for lumpy products, so that these lumps will be “smashed” and be able to transport pneumatically.

When Top Loader is available, we can supply the receiving hopper with rotary valve and blower connected.

Capacity 22 tonnes per hour.

Option: if no tipping device available, we can supply a hydraulic tipping frame.


Container unloading equipment

We can supply the complete bulk loader system at the producer end and the container bulk unloading system at the user end.



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