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Along with our own large production of all types of palletizers and palletizing equipment, we are also supplying all types of bagging equipment, stretch wrapping machines and/or stretch hood machines, this as integrated in our supply of Turnkey Packing Lines or as single supply. References since 1987. And we of course work with the leading suppliers of packaging machines for any type pf bagging, palletizing and wrapping.

New is that we now manufacture palletizers for empty bag bundles, and with the highest capaity available, we are proud that we can supply the paper bag making ndustry, with machines of highest quality and speed.

We also manufacture loading systems for bags without pallets or just bulk into 20 and 40 feet containers.



Packaging solutions

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Packing - Peat


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Packing - Wood pellets


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Turnkey packaging supplier

Together with our main packaging equipment, we also supply all ancillary equipment such as checkweighers, belt and roller conveyors, glue applicator, vertical bag lifts, metal detectors, single sheet dispensers or sheet dispensers from roll and much more. With Ehcolo you only need one contact point for a complete packaging line. We of course also offer service on all our equipment. We are with you, every step of the way and make your life easy.



Bagging machine

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Pallet Wrap

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Bagging Machines

See also for valve bagging machines, open mouth bagging machines, tubular from roll FFS bagging machines and Big-Bag filling stations. Very good spanish quality from a company, who has been on the market for many years.

See also:, for high capacity flat film from roll FFS bagging machines. The special feature of this equipment is, that it has continuous film feed and servo-controlled motors. The T2  FFS filling machine is “famous” within many applications/industries, so we can offer to anyone, who can and wants to fill PE bags. As one customer said "it makes me very comfortable to see it operate". And he is right, it is German top quality.

See also, who is spezialized in bagging heavy flowing products/powders, but also has a full range of bagging machines and Big-Bag filling stations. The very best machines also out of Germany



Our palletizers can handle all sizes and types of bags, as well as cartons and crates.

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Pallet Wrap

For Stretch Wrapper see – We can supply stretch wrapping machines single or integrated in a turnkey packaging line. We have many references and are happy to work with Unitech, as they have same high quality standard as we have.

For Hood Stretcher see – The absolute best stretch hood machine on the market, top danish quality. We are supplying stretch hood machines integrated in our turnkey packaging lines, bagging – palletizing – stretch hooding. Many references as you will from our videos. 


CBL and Pallet Removal

See our videos of container bulk loader and container bag loader also known as pallet remover, on the menu to the left.





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