Turnkey solutions Ehcolo

Turnkey solutions

Ehcolo are supplying complete turnkey packing lines. We have 25 years of experience in cooperation with partners manufacturing different types top quality bagging machines, stretch wrappers and hood stretchers.

Ehcolo supplies turnkey solutions including bagging machines, stretch wrappers and hood stretchers.

There is different types of bagging machines, supplied by different companies in Europe and we have cooperated for years with the best, so we can supply a turnkey packing line. Lines with FFS bagging machines is the most supplied.


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Click below to see a complete FFS bagging + palletiser + stretch wrapper packing line.

 Turnkey packing line for empty bags in Austraila 
Turnkey Packing line for Peat products, UK
 Turnkey Packing line for bio-fuel pellets
 Turnkey packing line for onion, River Point, USA
 Packing line FFS from tube + palletiser + stretch wrapper wooden pallets and Salt
 Seed packing line Germany, Palltiers + stretch wrapper
 Turnkey packing line France Wooden pellets FFS + palletiser + stretch wrapper
 Turnkey Packing line Pauls Belgium wooden pellets, FFS + palletiser + hood stretcher
 Turnkey packing line Russia, peat products FFS + stacker wrapper + palletiser + stretch hooder
 Turnkey packing line Seeds Germany FFS + palletizer + hood stretcher



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