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Welcome to Ehcolos world of packaging.

Ehcolo have over the last 10 years dedicated themselves to fulfill their customers wishes for having one supplier for the full turnkey packing line inclusive of bagging – palletizing – stretch wrapper or stretch hooder. This for any type of bags and product from 2 – 300 liters or from 2 – 50 kgs. Together with highly reputed partners Ehcolo takes the full responsibility for supplying the full line, and also so that it is economical competitive and with the highest quality available. We have many references proofing this.

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Packaging solutions

Packing - Rolled Oats

Packing - Wood pellet


End of line Packaging supplier

Managing several different packaging suppliers can be daunting and time-consuming. We on the other hand, can offer complete packaging solutions, be it bagging machines, palletizers, stretch wrappers and stretch hood.

Moreover, we do also offer conveyors, lifts, checkweighers, metal detectors, sheet dispensers, glue dispensers and much more. We are your partner for any packaging project. We are with you, every step of the way.



Ehcolo supplies turnkey packing lines to any packaging need. We have 30 years of experience of manufacturing and installing complete packaging solutions and together with our partners, we offer the industry leading packaging machines.

Bagging machine, palletizer, stretch hood, stretch wrap along with all the necessary equipment such as sheet dispenser, checkweigher, metal detector, glue applicator, conveyors and many more. We are your turnkey supplier and with us you only need one contact point for the whole supply. We are with you, every step of the way.

Please have a look for some examples of our complete packing lines. 


Palletizer manufacturer


Ehcolo har over 30 years experience and is specialized in design and development of palletizers, handling from 60 to 2.500 units per hour, stretching from single palletizers to turnkey tailor made packing line solutions. We have the goal to supply the best palletizers on the market, and best means of course with the highest possible quality, lowest downtime and of course with the newest technology, lowest energy consumption and last not least being competitive. 

The company has managed to stand out when it comes to protecting the environment. As the only manufacturer in the world, Ehcolo has developed a technique that re-use braking energy in the palletizer, thus saving 20% energy. 



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