PM 800-15/-18/-22/-25

PM800-15, PM800-18, PM800-22 and PM800-25 are our standard range of the type high level stripper plate palletizers.

The palletizers type PM 800-15, PM 800-18, PM 800-22 and PM 800-25 are stripper plate palletizers with layer side- and top pressing facilities, and designed for high capacity packing lines.

The unique control system with a 15″ color PC touch screen enables any pattern in any format, just by choosing another of the many programs stored in the memory. The combination of side- and top pressing gives straight-sided and stable pallets suitable for high storage stacking. Can palletize all sizes of bags on all sizes of pallets.

As unique for palletizers and now as the first one in the world, our palletizers are servo controlled and all motors have build-in encoders, which results in unsurpassed accuracy, low wear and tear and noiseless operation.

Further all braking energy of motors is re-used fully by our KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery System, resulting in saving of power of 15 – 20 %, so our palletizers are now “green”.

Further un-limited memory for product programmes and automatic pattern set-up just by keying in product and pallet dimensions.

Compact, no down time, low investment and extremely low maintenance costs. Note also that warranty is standard 2 years covering everything.

  • Type PM 800-15, up to 1.500 bags per hour in all patterns
  • Type PM 800-18, up to 1.800 in 3-layer patterns
  • Type PM 800-22, up to 2.200 bags per hour in 5-layer patterns
  • Type PM 800-25, up to 2.500 bags per hour in 5-layer patterns.

Possibly the best palletizer in those capacity ranges.

At inquiry on palletizer please inform us the following:

  1. Product type(s) and dimensions?
  2. Pallet type/sizes.
  3. Total max. pallet height.
  4. Max. kapacity per minute or per hour.
  5. If also stretch wrapper or hood stretcher are needed

Use the form or send us a direct email to the adress above. We have many references to show you.


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Click below and watch videos about palletizing

PM 800, biofuel pellets
PM 800 with servo
PM 800-15, biofuel pellets and salt
PM 800-15, potting soil
PM 800-22, high capacity 3-layer
PM 800-22, high capacity 4-layer
PM 800-22, high capacity 5-layer



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