PM 2000 - Palletizing empty bag bundles

Here you can get an insight into how the PM 2000 palletizes bundles of empty bags.


SPEED                                         -   Up to 2000 bags per hour

BAG DIMENSION                      -   All bag types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user friendly

ENERGY CONSUMPTION        -   Very lowEhcolo - Quote - Contact






PM 2000 - Empty bags

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High-Speed and long life time

Market leading designers and manufacturers of palletizers, have supplied thousands of machines world-wide.

Ehcolo A/S, a market leader, manufacture and supply a very comprehensive program of palletizers. 
We specialize in designing and manufacturing different types of palletiser’s based on 30 years’ experience using the best technical and economical know-how. Our palletizer’s machines are used by all industries requiring automatic bag and box handling.

We offer different models and let us know, what bag types you need to palletizer and together, we can find the best solution for you.


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