Box palletizer

Box palletization made easy

Box palletizer
SPEED                                        -   Up to 2200 boxes per hour

BAG DIMENSION                         -   All bag sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN        -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                          -   Very user friendly


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Box palletizer - PM 800

Box palletizer - Robot 


Box palletizer types

We design, manufacture and supply our custom made box palletizers, that are perfect to palletize boxes of any size and shape.

We do also make palletizer that can both palletize boxes and bags, making them very versatile and also quite convenient if you need to palletize bags and boxes.

Not sure which palletizer you need? Contact us today and we will find the right solution for you.

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Box palletizers

We offer the following three box palletizer

PM 400 – A gantry robot palletizer

PM 800 – A high level conventional plate palletizer

MPL – A robot palletizer.


Which box palletizer type best?

It all depends on the pallet stability type and the required speed.

A type PM 800 (stripper plate palletizer) has the highest capacity and provides the most stable pallets. The MPL robot can palletize from up to three lines at the same time and reach a capacity depending on pattern and product of up to 1600 boxes or crates per hour. If you require a capacity below 400 boxes or crates per hour, we usually recommend the type PM 400 (Gantry robot).

Contact us by clicking here and together we will find the palletizer most suited to your requirements.

Ancillary palletizing equipment
Together with our palletizers, we offer a wide range of ancillary equipment, as product belt or roller conveyors, pallet magazine/dispenser, pallet conveyors, sheet dispenser, ink jet printers, pallet label applicators to metal detector and check weigher, all to complete a palletiser, which fulfil all the requirements you might have.



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