Container Bulk Loader

We have extensive experience with loading ship containers with bulk products, where the container is equipped with a container in-liner.

We offer two types of Container Bulk Loader - CBL 300 and CBL 330 for 20 or 40 feet containers.


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CBL - Malt

CBL - Powder

CBL - Dry test

Bulk container loading equipment

The unique CBL is ideal for loading of dry bulk commodities into containers and bulk shipping containers. Products as fishmeal, malt, grain, animal feed pellets, soya, grains, cereals, flour, seeds, sugar, powder, starches, pellets, plastic granulates, silica and other same type products can be loaded into 20 or 40 feet ship containers very effectively and optimal to the roof. 

Grain container loading equipment at its best.


Shipping container loading equipment 

Five main advantages with EHCOLO CBL

* This system does not harm the liner compared to other systems.
* Remote controlled sidewise and vertical movement of outlet.
* Easy moveable by e.g. a fork lift truck.
* Feeding hopper for connection to a gravity bellow feeder or other customer specific feeding system.
* Execution in mild steel or stainless steel.

Capacity: one 20 or 40 feet container in 15 - 25 minutes.


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