Big Bag filler system

We supply and install two types of Big-Bag filler machines. Semi and fully automatic Bag-Bag systems.

Our big bag filling machines can handle all types of products, from fine powders (i.e. cement) to granulated material (i.e. wood pellets).

The capacity is up to 80 Big-Bags per hour from 500 to 2000 kg. We can also fill boxes, cans and octabins.

CAPACITY - 1 to 80 Big-Bags per hour
BIG-BAG DIMENSIONS - From 500 to 2000 kg
OPERATION - Very user friendly touchscreen interface

Big Bag filler

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Big Bag system

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Different Big-Bag filling machines

We offer two Big Bag filler systems. Semi or fully automatic big bag machines. The Big-Bag system incorporated different dosing and weighing systems depending on the products to be filled and costumer preferences. Our Big-Bag systems comes with one, two or four handles (straps) and depending on the product and weighing system, our capacity is up to 80 bags per hour.

With our fully automatic Big-Bag machine, the Big-Bags are automatically placed onto the Big-Bag system. Saving time and operation cost, as no operator is required to put Big-Bags onto the filling machine. The operator now only needs to supervise the machine and make sure enough empty bags are available.

We also supply pallet magazines, so empty pallets for the Big-Bag is automatically fed into the Big-Bag filling machine.

Now it is also possible, to upgrade current Big-Bag system that use an operator to place a bag onto machine. Now a robot can replace this operation and thus making a semi-automatic machine into fully automatic. This solution a low investment compared to other solutions, as the existing Big-Bag system is still in place.

Big-Bag emptying system

We also offer a Big-Bag emptying system where the Big Bag is emptied into a product container with a vibrator that ensure the product is evenly and continuously fed into the screw conveyor or other transport system below.

Contact us here and together we will find the perfect Big-Bag filling machine for you, based on your wishes and preferences.



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