Valve bag filling

SPEED                                    -   
10 to 2200 bags per hour  Valve bagging

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BAG DIMENSION                  -   All bag sizes

BAG MATERIAL                   -   Paper and Plastic (PE, PP etc.)

OPERATION                        -   Very user friendly 





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Valve bag with sealing

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Valve bag

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A valve bag is a closed bag designed for high-speed filling via a valve on spout packers for example gravity packer, impeller packer, air packer, screw packer or grooved belt packer.

Our valve bag filling machines are used in a vast number of applications, basically in every industry. These valve bag fillers are primarily used in cement, building materials, dry mortar, food, pet food, agriculture, chemical, mineral, detergent applications. Ranging from fine powder to granulated material.


Different valve bag filling machines

Valve bag filler machines deliver top performance and for any product using high speed filling processes. The bags can be optimized for filling performance and protection for example PE-free film or PE Inliners for moisture protection according to customer wishes and preferences. Our valve bag filler machines accepts all types of valve bags.


Benefits of a valve bag filler

The most notable benefit of using valve bags is the flexible closing feature.

Self-closing because of the pressure of the product inside


Closed by heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing depending on the required level of sift proofness and/or clean work environment.

Two other main benefits of a valve bag filler, is the high speed filling of bags, with quick de-aeration and optimal palletization.

The valve bag filling machines, can be combined to achieve a capacity of more than 2200 bags per hour with de-aeration.

Valve bags also help to ensure well shaped pallet because of the construction of the bag. Additionally coatings can be applied to improve the frictional characteristics.

Contact us here and together we will find the perfect valve bag filling machine for you, based on your wishes and preferences.



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