Open mouth bagging machine


SPEED                                    -   10 to 1600 bags per hour 

Open mouth bagging machine

BAG DIMENSION              -   All bag sizes

BAG MATERIAL                 -   Paper and Plastic (PE, PP etc.)

OPERATION                       -   Very user friendly 



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Open mouth - Small bags

Open mouth - Large bags

High quality systems

Our bagging systems are semi and fully automatic and can be used in all industries. Our high quality machines is a testament to our customer partnership for more than 30 years. We know that quality matters.

There are many automatic bagging machine manufactures and therefore it can be a bit of a jungle to find the best bagging machine. Contact us today and together we will find the best open mouth bagging solution for you.


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Open mouth bagging machines

Our open mouth bagging machines are designed for the different types of open mouth bag types with several closing methods i.e. folding, sewing or gluing. It is also possible to use a combination or all three of these closing methods.

What bag types are used varies from customer to customer as for example compost bagging machines can use one type and corn bagging use another type.

According to our customers wishes and preferences, the bags can be optimized for filling and protection purposes, for instance special barrier properties, where the bags are available with PE Inliner, metalized and aluminum coated plies.

Our open mouth machines can be used for a wide range of bag types:

  • Pinch Bottom Bags – Best suitable for medium and big content.
  • SOS (Block Bottom) bags – Most popular bag solution on the market.
  • Polywoven bag – Very strong, tear resistant and reliable packaging solution.
  • PE-Inliner bags – The bag comes with a PE-Inliner that functions as a moisture barrier for hygienic packaging. Popular in the food industry.




Benefits of an open mouth bagging machine

The main benefit of using an open mouth bagging machine is the capacity combined with the many bag types available.

Our machines offer easy and secure filling, with the possibility for reliable and hygienic closing features. Manual bagging machine or a fully automatic, we are at your service.

Contact us here and together we will find the perfect bagging machine for you, based on your wishes and preferences.


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