Tubular Film Bagging Machine (HFFS)

Together with our partner Payper, we offer a tubular FFS bagging machine, also known as HFFS. Its capacity ranges from 60 to over 2200 bags per hour.

The HFFS Tubular Film Bagging Machne is designed for small, medium and high capacity packing lines. This bagging machine is ideal for all free flowing and granulated products such as potting soil, bark mulch, pellets, salt, sand, wheat, stones, bird food and many more.

The HFFS bagging machine can also handle powdery and sticky products.

CAPACITY - 60 to 2200 bags per hour
OPERATION - Very user friendly touchscreen interface

See videos of the bag filling machines:

HFFS Tubular film Bagging

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HFFS Tubular film Bagging

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Advantages of a Tubular film bagging machine

Compared to other bagging machines, the Payper HFFS Tubular film bagging machines has higher speeds:

Fast machine

  • Capacity - up to 2.200 bags per hour
  • Range of bag filling Min. 15 liters – from 5 to 50 kg

Strong bags

  • The bags are only sealed on top and bottom, can be handled more roughly, bags are not sealed vertically (lengthwise).
  • Dusty products and less cross contamination – The filling and sealing of bag is in separate station, thus lowering risk of cross contamination and easier to fill and seal dusty products.
  • Design – Depending on speed capacity, the bagging machines is made up of four to five stations


Operation of Payper HFFS Turbular Film

Below you can see a simple drawing of a HFFS tubular film bagging machine, also known as a horizontal bagging machine. The machine is built together by four or five stations.

Station 1: the tubular film from a roll is pulled into the machine.
Station 2: the tubular film is cut and the bottom is welded, a bag is created.
Station 3: the bag is filled with product
Station 4: the bag is welded on top, creating a formed, filled and sealed bag. 



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