Flat Film Bagging Machine (VFFS)

Our flat film bagging machine also known as VFFS have high capacity, ranging from 60 to 1800 bags per hour.

Designed for small, medium and high capacity packing lines. This bagging machine is ideal for all free flowing and granulated products such as potting soil, bark mulch, pellets, salt, sand, wheat, stones, bird food and many more.

The T2 VFFS flat film bagging machine can also handle powdery and sticky products.

CAPACITY - 60 to 1800 bags per hour
OPERATION - Very user friendly touchscreen interface

See videos of VFFS flat film bag filling machines:

Bagging Sand

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Bagging wood pellets

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Advantages of a VFFS Flat film bagging machine

Compared to other bagging machines, the T2 has less moving parts, thus very robust:

Strong machine

  • Lower in maintenance costs
  • Bag handling and operation is more easy
  • Lowest investment for bagging at similar speed
  • Large range of bag filling from 2.5 to 130 liters.
  • Adjust width of bags (No need to change plastic roll)


Film properties

  • Can use thinner film – less stress on filling bag
  • More possibilities to print i.e. more colors
  • Laminated films are possible (PE-Paper_PE) for example.


Operation of T2 VFFS Flat Film

Below we can see a simple drawing of a flat film VFFS bagging machine, also known as a vertical bagging machine.

The film is pulled into the machine from a roll of flat film. The film passes through a forming set, where the flat film is formed into a bag. The film is then sealed lengthwise. The film is sealed on bottom and filled with product. The bag is then sealed on top. When the bag is sealed on top, the next bag is simultaneously sealed on bottom.

The T2 VFFS is a highly advanced yet incredibly simple bagging machine. It is designed to operate continuously 24/7 all year round. Its very reliable and close to zero down time makes this bagging machine one of the most popular machines on the market. T2 can do!   



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