Form Fill and Seal Machines

Form fill and seal machines are a machine that does everything from forming the package, filling the package and sealing it again. The machines require only one supervisor which makes it a great choice for smaller packaging lines. 

At Ehcolo we supply and install two types of Form, fill and seal machines: FFS flat film and FFS tubular film.

SPEED                                    -   Up to 2200 bags per hour

BAG DIMENSION                  -   All bag sizes

BAG MATERIAL                   -   Film (PE and Laminated)

OPERATION                        -   Very user-friendly  

Form fill and seal turbular film form fill and seal flat film


Automatic FFS bagging machines

The tubular and flat film FFS bagging machines are very different, but they have each their unique advantages.

Let us have a closer look at their shared advantages compared to others.

  • Bags made on Form, Fill and Seal machines are less expensive than pre-made bags, i.e. valve and open mouth bags.
  • Total automation – both types of machines require only one supervisor but generally only attention when new roll shall be placed.
  • Easy and quick to clean between production batches, minimizing cross-contamination.

The Form, fill and seal machines are designed for small, medium and high capacity packing lines. They are ideal for all free-flowing and granulated products such as peat products, bark mulch, wooden pellets, and all other pellets, salt, sand, wheat, and other cereals, stones, bird food, also rolled oats and many more. The machines can also depend on product characteristics to handle powder and sticky products.


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