Form, Fill and Seal Bagging Machine (FFS)

We offer two types of FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) bagging machines:

Flat film and Tubular film.

See more details about each FFS bagging machine in the menu.

The bagging machines are very different but they have their unique advantages.

Let us have a closer look at their shared advantages compared to others.

  • Bags made on Form, Fill and Seal machines are less expensive than pre-made bags, i.e. valve and open mouth bags.
  • Total automation, the machine require only one supervisor
  • Easy and quick to clean between production batches, minimizing cross-contamination.
  • Ideal for granulated and free flowing products. Many other products are also possible.


FFS - Flat Film 

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FFS - Tubular Film


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Different Form, Fill and Seal machines

There are four distinctive differences between a flat film and a tubular film machine.

The main difference is the film the machines use to create a bag, either flat film or tubular film as the bagging machine name signifies.

Flat film bagging machine is less expensive and require less maintenance but the tubular film bagging machine is faster.

The Form, Fill and Seal machines have very different machine design.

The flat film bagging machine is also known as the vertical form fill seal machine, as the film is formed at the upper part of the machine and filled and sealed downwards. The flat film is formed, filled and sealed in a vertical motion.

The tubular film bagging machine is also known as the horizontal form fill seal machine. The machine is made of four to five stations where the bag travels horizontally through the stations. Here it is either formed, filled or sealed.

Choose the perfect FFS machine

Choosing between a flat film and a tubular bagging machine can be a challenge as both machines have their own distinctive advantages. However if you require the bagging machine capacity to be higher than 1600 bags per hour, then a tubular bagging machine is your only option.

On the other hand, if you require your bagging machine to be flexible and able to adjust the width of bags without changing the film, then a flat film bagging machine is your only option.

In recent years, the FFS bagging machine have become more popular and this is because of the three main advantages the FFS machine can offer compared to other bagging machines.

High capacity, lower initial capital investment and significant cost savings compared to pre-made bags or other form of packaging.

Without the shadow of doubt, our FFS bagging machines are most probably the best on the market.

Take for example the peat industry, generally when speaking about a bagging machine you are most likely to speak about our T2 flat film bagging machine.

The thing is, both Flat film and Tubular are excellent at packing almost any product, but ideal for granulated and free flowing products. Contact us here and together we will find the perfect FFS machine for you, based on your needs and preferences.



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