Pallet Strapping

We offer pallet strapping machines that uses plastic strap and strapping band.

 -   5 to 60 pallets per hour

PALLET DIMENSION           -   All pallet sizes


OPERATION                         -   Very user friendly

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Pallet Strapping

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Pallet Strapping

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Strapping machine

We supply and install pallet strap machine for any pallet strapping purpose, mostly for bags or boxes on pallets.

We offer different strapping models that use for example nylon straps or strapping band. 

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Pallet Strapping machine


We offer two types of Pallet Strapping, Horizontal and Vertical.

Horizontal Strapping

A strap is put around the four sides of the pallet load. Several straps can be applied on the pallet load. 

Some of our customers also use band strapping to for example wrap two half pallets together.


Vertical Strapping

A strap is put around the pallet and pallet load, the top the bottom and two sides. Several straps can be applied on the pallet and pallet load.

It is possible to add a top press plate, so the pallet load is compressed before adding a strap, to keep the load in place.


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