Stretch Hood


We supply and install Stretch Hooder for any pallet wrapping purpose, mostly for bags on pallets.

Stretch Hood
 -   5 to 250 pallets per hour

PALLET DIMENSION           -   All pallet sizes


OPERATION                         -   Very user friendly


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Stretch Hood

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Stretch Hood

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Stretch Hood

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Hood wraps

We offer four models of Stretch Hood.

T1 - Power Flex T1

TL - Power Flex TL

X1 - Multi FleX1

XL - Multi FleXL

Stretch Hood machines offer high package integrity and flexibility. Furthermore, the machines can handle unstable loads and are fully automatic.

We also supply automatic Shrink Wrap machines.


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Hood packaging


Our Stretch Hood is cutting edge technology using only high quality components. With our Stretch hood wrapping machines, you can wrap with hood to protect your pallets. Pallet hoods do give the best presentation of pallets as the Hood protector film is of high quality and only one layer compared to other pallet wrappers using stretch wrapping material.


More about our stretch hood models:

The T1 pallet wrap machine is primarily used for pallets with different heights. Designed for one pallet size or very similar sizes.

The TL pallet wrap machine is primarily used for pallets with different heights. The TL can wrap pallets that are conveyed into the machine with the short or long side leading. Designed for few pallet sizes and if the difference in size is too big for the smallest and largest pallet, then we recommend Multi Flex pallet wrapping machine.

The X1 pallet wrap machine offer more flexibility as it can wrap various pallet sizes with different heights.

The XL pallet wrap machine is even more flexible as it can wrap pallet sizes from 500 x 500 to 3200 x 1700 mm. with a maximum of 3 m. height.

All models are fitted with the patented technology that lowers the top of the machine down to floor level, enabling easy service and maintenance.  

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