Stretch Wrap

High quality stretch wrappers for an affordable price.

Stretch Wrap
SPEED                                    -   5 to 150 pallets per hour

PALLET DIMENSION           -   All pallet sizes


OPERATION                         -   Very user-friendly



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Stretch Wrap - 300 A

Stretch Wrap - 200 A

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap machine

We supply and install Stretch Wrap machines for any pallet wrapping purpose, mostly for bags on pallets.

The Stretch Wrapper can wrap up to 150 pallets per hour with 400 % pre-stretch value.

Plastic wrap packaging increases the stability of pallets and it protects the pallet goods against the weather elements if the pallet is placed outside. As such, pallets wrapped in plastic safeguard their products as much as possible.

Our stretch wrap machines can use different sizes of plastic wrap for pallets. The most common thickness ranges from 10 my to 30 my.

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Stretch Wrapping machines

Our Stretch Wrappers can be divided into two main categories:

Uniwrap 200 – A turn-table pallet wrapper

Uniwrap 300 – A rotating arm pallet wrapper

Uniwrap 200 is a fully automatic turntable pallet wrapper, where the load is placed on a turn-table. The table spins around with the pallet load and film is applied from a fixed point that moved up and down while wrapping pallet load.

Simply put, the pallet spins around while being wrapped.

Uniwrap 300 is a fully automatic stretch wrapper, where the load is placed on a conveyor and stands still, while a rotating arm spins around the pallet and wraps the pallet load.

Simply put, the pallet load stands still while a rotating arm wraps the pallet load.

We do also supply semi-automatic stretch wrappers and ring-wrappers.


Choosing the best Stretch Wrap

Choosing the best stretch wrapping machine is can be a challenge, as you might have several criteria the machines must meet.


The five most important criteria:

Our machines are designed and manufactured to operate 24/7 all year round for many years. Our machines only use quality components such as SEW, Sick and Siemens.

The machine must fit into the current or planned production layout. As we offer more than nine different models, we can find the best wrapping machine for your production.

Our machines have different capacity output, ranging from 1 to over 150 pallets per hour.

Organic product
Our machines can use a net instead of a film to wrap pallets. Net is suitable for organic goods as the product can “breath”.

Last but not least, the cost of the machine is important and our machines provide the most value for money. Granted our machines are not the cheapest on the market but we offer the highest quality and lowest downtime in production.

With a stretch wrap machine from Ehcolo you are guaranteed high quality with 24/7 service. We are with you, every step of the way.

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