Empty bag palletizer

Our new empty bag palletizer PM 2000, ideal for palletizing bundles of empty bags.

empty bag palletizer
SPEED                       -   2000 bags per hour 

BAG DIMENSION    -   All bag types and sizes

PALLET PATTERN    -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION             -   Very user friendly

ENERGY USE            -   Very low


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PM 2000 - Empty bags

Palletizing empty bags


Our new palletizer PM 2000 is a high speed palletizer for empty bags and bundles of empty bags.

Designed for high capacity packing lines, capable of handling more than 2000 units per hour. With its unique layer side and top pressing facilities, it palletizes straight sided and stable pallets, well suited for high storage stacking and transport of empty bag bundle.

Let us know of your new project and together will we find the best possible solution for palletizing empty bags.

We are quoting our palletiser type PM 2400, which as standard is a combined type of a high level palletiser and a gantry robot palletiser, of which we have supplied many, though so far only one for bundles.

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Empty bag bundle


This is the most advanced empty bag bundle palletizer and very easy to operate. The palletizer can operate 24/7 all year round, with almost zero down time. All movements are servo controlled giving an unrivalled palletizing accuracy and very stable pallets. This high quality is accompanied by the fact, that the palletizer is environment friendly, saving you 20% energy compared to other palletizers. Our palletizers are green and we care about the environment.

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