Gantry robot


Palletizer PM 400 is out standard gantry robot palletizer.

SPEED                                         -   Up to 400 bags/boxes per hourGantry robot - pm 400

BAG/BOX DIMENSION            -   All types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user friendly



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Gantry Robot - Granulates

Gantry Robot - Flour

Robot palletizing

Our PM 400 is your standard gantry robot palletizer, with a capacity up to 400 units per hour.

Designed for smaller and medium capacity packing lines. The unique side bag pick-up system with top press plate, gives straight-sided and stable pallets suitable for high storage stacking and transport.

Can palletize all sizes of bags and boxes on all types of pallets. Can palletize bags with or without overlapping.

Let us know, what bag types you are palletizing in your palletizing packing line and we will find the right solution for you. 


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Turnkey packaging

We can be your turnkey partner for end of line packaging solutions. 

Our delivery program is completed with our pallet remover in case of container loading without pallets, check weigher, metal detectors, all product and pallet conveyors. You only need one contact point for a entire packaging line or palletizing solutions.


Pick-up systems

The gantry robot PM 400 can handle all sorts of bags, with its new unique mechanical side pick-up system for bags with top pressing plate. The number of top presses at lay-off and pressing force is programmable, enables the palletizer to flatten the bags and especially at overlapping the bags can be evened out completely.

The palletizer can also palletize and de-palletize bags and boxes with a vacuum pick-up, fork or clamp system.

The gantry robot is very compact with a low investment and low maintenance costs. Compared to other gantry robots in the same speed capacity, the PM 400 is undoubtedly the lowest investment with the lowest operation costs for a palletizer with an operating life-time of min. 20 years.

PM 400 advantages

Low foot print and very easy customer programmable. Memory for up to 80 product programs. Easy moveable to different locations.

Possibly the best palletizer in this capacity range.

If you would like more information on the PM 400, please contact us or go to our contact page >here<.


Making palletizing simple

This simple yet highly durable and effective palletizer is fully automatic. For any turnkey solutions, our palletizer is a perfect fit for low and medium high capacity packaging lines.

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