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We manufacture and supply a very comprehensive program of palletizers and ancillary equipment

We manufacture and supply a very comprehensive program of palletizers.
Whatever your need, we can offer you the right solution.

Our palletizers capacity ranges from 0-2500 units per hour, and as the only palletizing manufacturer, we have developed a technology, that saves energy, when motors in the palletizer brakes, which they do often, as this is natural for a palletiser. This energy is re-used by other running motors. This saves energy by up to 20% in favor of both environment and economy.

If you do not find the palletiser you are looking for, please contact us, as we are also selling tailormade solutions. Please use the contact form on the right side or call us direct or send an E-mail.

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Model Capacity
PM 400 400 bags/boxes per hour
PM 500 500 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-9 700-900 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12 900-1600 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-12HS 1200-1800 bags/boxes per hour
PM 800-15 1500 bags per hour
PM 800-18 1800 bags per hour
PM 800-22 2200 bags per hour
PM 900-6 600 bags per hour
PM 900-10 1000 bags per hour
PM 900-12 1800 bags per hour
Robot palletizer Up to 1400 bags per hour, if boxes, depending on product



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