PM 800

Our fastest palletizer is a PM 800.

SPEED                                         -   Up to 2200 bags per hourPM 800 - high speed palletizer

BAG DIMENSION                      -   All bag types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user friendly

ENERGY CONSUMPTION        -   Very low


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PM 800 - Potatoes

PM 800 - Boxes

Fast Palletizer

The PM 800 is our stripper plate palletizer also known as high-level plate palletizer.

Designed for medium and high capacity packing lines. With its unique layer side and top pressing facilities, it palletizes straight sided and stable pallets, well suited for high storage stacking and transport.

The PM 800 can handle bags & boxes of any type and size. Can also palletize on any pallet size. Without question, the most accomplished and reliable palletizer on the market. It is also one of our fastest palletizers.


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PM 800 - Wood pellets & Salt

PM 800 - Onions

Energy saving palletizer

We proudly offer our fastest palletizer, capable to operate 24/7 all year round, with almost zero down time. Additionally, the only
fully servo controlled palletizer in the world. Giving a very controlled soft start and stop and also un-surpassed accuracy and long life, so warranty is standard 2 years. This is only possible with high quality components.

Our PM 800 is the most economical and energy efficient palletizer on the market. Every time one of the motors is slowing/braking down and coming to a stop, the braking energy is re-used, thus saving you 20% energy compared to others. Our PM 800 is green and we care about the environment.


Packaging Industry

With our 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, we are setting the standards for plate palletizers. Our many years of experience and development together with cutting edge technology and high quality materials has led to the top modern PM 800. Offering unlimited palletizing program patterns, remote control, high lifetime (min. 20 years) and the lowest maintenance cost.

Together with its servo controlled motors, the PM 800 is able to place the bags with millimetre accuracy on the pallet. Giving you stable and beautiful palletized pallets. Undoubtedly, the leading plate palletizer on the market.

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