PM 400


Reliable, small footprint and long lifetime. 


SPEED                                         -   Up to 2200 bags per hourPM 400 - Bag Palletizing Machine

BAG DIMENSION                      -   All bag types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user friendly

ENERGY CONSUMPTION        -   Very low 


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Palletizing - Granulates

Palletizing - Flour

 Compact palletizer


PM 400 is a gantry robot type palletizer, designed for small and medium capacity packing lines. With its very low footprint and genuint quality, the palletizer can work in any packaging line. Generally accepted as the most compact and durable palletizer on the market.

The PM 400 can palletize all sizes of bags on all types of pallets, making it one of a kind. Whether you need overlapping or standard side-by-side palletizing, our PM 400 can effortlessly do the job.

The main benefit of PM  400, is the ability to create very stable pallets, even with difficult bags. All bags are carefully placed directly on the pallet and pressed on top, to make the bag as flat as possible.


Palletizing stable pallets

The PM 400 can handle all sorts of bags, with its new unique mechanical side pick-up system for bags with top pressing plate. The number of top presses at lay-off and pressing force is programmable, enables the palletizer to flatten the bags and especially at overlapping the bags can be evened out completely.

The pallets made are stable and ready for transport. The palletizer is very compact with a low investment and low maintenance costs. Compared to other palletizers and robots in the same speed capacity, the palletizer is undoubtedly the lowest investment with the lowest operation costs for a palletizer with an operating life-time of min. 20 years.


Packaging partner

Our aim is to be your preferred packaging partner and we see our customers as our partner, as we both get a lot out of working together. With you, we will get new insight into a new project and togehter we can find the perfect solution.

For many years, we have supplied many turnkey packaging solutions, as we also supply bagging machines, pallet wrappers and our palletizers. Our range of supply is completed by our capability to supply and integrate check weighers and metal detectors. Furthermore, we also manufacture all product and pallet conveyors. With us, you are guranteed a reliable partner that will focus on getting the best solution for you.

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