PM 2000

The PM 2000 palletizer is our combination of gantry robot and high level plate palletizer, with a capacity up to 2400 bags per hour and is a new development in 2017.

The PM 2000 is designed for medium and high capacity packing lines and capable of palletizing bags side-by-side as well as overlapping, which often is needed by open mouth bags.

With its unique layer side and top pressing facilities, giving straight sided and stable pallets, ideally suited for high storage stacking and transport.

A palletizer similar to PM 900, but here the bags or boxes are fed directly into the bag placer, which is always above the pallet. Very versatile, low footprint and very high capacity because of the short distance from bag placer to pallet.

Can handle any type and size of bags. Furthermore, can palletize on any pallet size. Without question, the most adaptable and dependable palletizer on the market.

400 to 2400 units per hour 

All sizes

Freely adjustable, unlimited programs and any pattern, has its own pattern generator.

Very user friendly touchscreen interface and RFID tags for safe and registered log-in.

Definitely and guaranteed markets lowest


Economical and energy efficient palletizer

We manufacture the only bag palletizer in the world, where all movements are servo controlled, which gives very controlled soft start and stop and also un-surpassed accuracy and long life, so warranty is now standard 2 years.

The most economic and energy efficient palletizer on the market. Every time one of the motors comes to a stop, the braking energy is re-used, thus saving you 20% energy compared to other palletizers on the market


Palletizing made easy

We have made palletizing easy. Based on years of experience and development together with cutting edge technology and high quality materials, this palletizer is top modern. Offering unlimited palletizing program patterns, remote control, high lifetime (min. 20 years) and the lowest maintenance cost.

Together with its servo controlled motors, the palletizer is able to place the bags within millimetres on the pallet. Giving you a stable and beautiful palletized pallet. Unquestionably, the leading palletizer on the market. 


External Control & Data Communication

"Anywhere Control" via Internet, the by Ehcolo supplied machines can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, and we Ehcolo can monitor and access everything, also the history of events, so that we remote easily can make eventual diagnostic work and in fact also operate the machines, change parameters and eventually also change/improve software remote.

IoT (Internet of Things) ready.

Industry 4.0 compliance and enablement.

Our control has a OPC-UA server, which is the newest within data communication, many does not know it, but everybody will need to know and use, as this is the future way to do it and an easy way and well documented. In short, we can make available all thinkable data and then they can be captured by your system in a format you can easily handle. We just have to agree on which data you are interested in.


Turnkey packaging solutions

Note, that in connection with our palletisers, we can also supply the bagging machines for any bag product and also a stretch wrapper or a stretch hooder after the palletiser, which give you a turnkey packing line.



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