Pick and place robot


SPEED                                         -   Up to 1600 bags/boxes per hourPick and Place robot

BAG/BOX DIMENSION            -   All types and sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN           -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                               -   Very user friendly

ENERGY CONSUMPTION        -   Very low






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Robot palletizer - Powder

Robot palletizer - Multitool



Robot palletizer - Boxes

Robot palletizer - Buckets

 Pick and Place Robot - Fast Palletizers


Our pick and place robots are used as fast and high capacity box and bag palletizers. These robot palletizers can easily automated picking and placing bags and boxes in your packing line.

We offer several types of robots, designed to handle one specific products or multiple products and several products at-a-time. Our robots can also function as pallet & sheet dispenser.

We can offer a robotic bag palletizer perfectly suited to your needs and preferences. Our area of expertise is bag and box palletizers.

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References for our box palletizers

You are welcome to contact us for references in your market. Our pick and place robots are used in all industries and branches. Contact us, and we would be glad to show our experience in your market and offer you a palletizing solution suited to your preferences. Our fast palletizers can be seen in the videos above.


Robot palletizing made simple and easy

We have made palletizing simple as our robotic technology is cutting edge, yet very operator friendly. On our user friendly touch screen, you can monitor the palletizing operations and program palletizing patterns. You can program them yourself or let us help you. We offer our assistance is available 24/7.


Turnkey packaging solutions

We can be your turnkey partner, as we also supply bagging machines, stretch wrappers and stretch hooder’s along with pallet remover in case of container loading without pallets, check weigher, metal detectors, all product and pallet conveyors. You only need one contact point for entire turnkey packaging line.

Are you interested in a fast pick and place robot, then contact us today.

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