Robot palletizer

Robot for all industries

Robot palletizer
SPEED                                        -   10 to 1600 bags/boxes per hour

BAG DIMENSION                         -   All sizes

PALLETIZING PATTERN        -   Freely adjustable

OPERATION                          -   Very user friendly






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Robot palletizer - MPL

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Robot palletizer - PM 900

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Our state of the art robotic palletizers are from Yaskawa Motoman, where Ehcolo designs and manufactures the gripper and NEW is our own developed touch screen control with easy control and  set up of pallet patterns, customers/operators are extremely happy for this new development.

Ehcolo robots are specifically designed for palletizing and de-palletizing purposes, handling up to 1600 bags units per hour.

Please see two examples below.

Robot palletizer type

We offer the following three types of robot palletizing machines

PM 400 – A gantry robot palletizer, can do overlapping as well as side-by-side palletizing.

PM 900 – A combination of our gantry robot and our high level conventional plate palletizer, can do overlapping as well as side-by-side palletizing.

MPL – A robot palletizer.

There are several types of robots depending on capacity and payload. Our robots can reach a capacity of 1600 units per hour and the maximum total payload is 100 kg.

Additionally all robots need to be fitted with the appropriate gripper to handle the bags, boxes, buckets, bundles units, cans, cases, cartons and trays. We manufacture the gripper your product require. Furthermore, we also manufacture multi-tool gripper, designed to handle bag, box, and bucket.

The multi-tool gripper can also be designed to handle sheets and empty pallets. In other words, our robots can serve as complete palletizers and can palletize from several lines (up to three) at the same time.


Palletizing robots for all industries

Our robot are used across all industries requiring palletizing. Whatever your palletizing need is, we can offer you a solution. When you have chosen Ehcolo as partners, we are with you every step of the way. From planning, designing to implementing and commissioning the robot palletizer.

We can be your turn-key partner, as we also supply bagging machines, stretch wrappers and stretch hooders along with a palle remover, in case you load product into containers without pallet, further check weigher, metal detector, bag printers as well as bag and pallet labeling equipment. And ofcourse the full range of product and pallet conveying systems. With Ehcolo you only need one contact point for entire packaging line. 


Complete packaging solutions

We can be your turn-key partner, as we also supply bagging machines, conventional palletizers, pallet wrap, stretch wrappers and stretch hooder’s along with pallet remover in case of container loading without pallets.

We also supply all the ancillary equípment, such as check weigher, metal detectors, all product and pallet conveyors. You only need one contact point for entire turnkey packaging line.  Contact us >here<.



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