Leading palletizer manufacturer and supplier

We design and manufacture 12 different types of palletizers. All with full servo control and a unique energy saving system as the only palletizing manufacturer in the world. Supplying all industries, palletizing the full variety of bags and boxes and based on demand from our customers, we have in more than 10 years supplied complete turnkey packing lines. With our vast experience, we can with our palletizers integrate, supply and also service all types of bagging and wrapping/hooding machines from our partners, all who are very well international recognized and leading manufacturers.

Our newest palletizer is handling empty bag bundles with a capacity of up to 2000 bundles per hour. See the video here.

Quality is important

An astronaut was asked before launching to the moon:
"How do you feel up there, just before launch?"
"Not good, knowing that I sit on top of 2 million parts, supplied by the lowest bidders"

Find us at the next exhibition!  

Each year we visit some of the biggest exhibitions in the industry and hope to see you all at our booth. Click here to see the next exhibition we will attend: 

exhibition - ehcolo


Packing line solution from ehcoloPacking lines

"Fast and effective packaging solutions, to ensure your product is safely protected and ready for transport. With one click, your entire packaging line changes from one product to another. With almost zero downtime  and state-of-the-art machines."

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Bagging products from flour to animal feed"From small bags to large Big-Bags. No matter what type or size your bags are, our bagging machines will fill your
products safely and tightly into your bag. We bag all
products, from hazardous and dangerous to free-flowing granulates and powdery products."

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Palletizing bags and boxesPalletizing

"Easily palletize all your different types and sizes of bags / boxes. We palletize all bags carefully and systematically,
to create a very stable and beautiful looking pallet for safe transport."

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Wrappingpallet wrap - ehcolo

"High pallets with lots of products or small light-weight
pallets, we protect them all. Our pallet wrappers ensure your product is stable and protected against the elements. Protection and sturdiness are essential for
the safe transport of pallets."

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For more information on our packaging solutions based on the bagging machine, palletizer, pallet wrapper, and container loading, please see our menu on top of the page.

At PACKING LINES in the top menu, you can read and also see some specific videos on our packaging machines handling wood pellets and peat. We provide of course packaging solutions (bagging machine, palletizer, pallet wrapper, container loading) for any product. From food products to medicine and bioenergy products. We have supplied more than a thousand machines to all industries with very different products. So please give us a call so we can help you with your latest project to bag, palletize, wrap or load products. 

Company profile video

Click here to see our Image video:

Video about Ehcolo

See our delivery programdownload ehcolo leaflet


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Environment minded

All braking energy is re-used, saving up to 20% energy - making our machines "green".

Read more about Ehcolo Low energy palletizers





























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